• Lowboy Series (LRF/LRFV) Airco

    Lowboy Series (LRF/LRFV) Airco

Airco Lowboy Series (LRF/LRFV)

This product has been archived and is no longer available.


The LRF model is unique to the Lowboy series as it features our newly designed stainless steel high-efficiency heat exchanger.


Features of the LRF, LRFV Include:

• Select models meet ENERGY STAR® requirements
• Four Firing Rates: .55, .65, .75 and .85 gph
• Models are shipped at .65 gph firing rate with all alternative nozzles supplied with furnace
• Front access to heat exchanger. Easy to clean
• Includes a 20" x 20" filter
• Barometric damper
• Durable 22-gauge steel cabinet ensures strength while full fiber-reinforced foil faced insulation and “cool-to-touch” technology provide quiet operation
• A/C Ready - Up to 4 Tons

Stainless Steel, High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger

Featured on LRF and LRFV models:

1.) Primary heat exchanger utilizes a high-grade 409 stainless steel drum to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions.

2.) Second pass is constructed of aluminized steel tubes with
stainless steel turbulators, which can easily be removed as shown for easy cleaning.

3.) Large heat transfer surface results in maximum efficiency levels and reduced operating costs.



Blower Motor Options:

• ECM Variable Speed High Efficiency
• PSC Direct Drive

Chimney Vent Burner Options:

• Beckett AFG
• Riello 40F3
• Carlin EZ-LF


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